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Cam Robbins has played clarinet and saxophone consistently over 40 years. Born in Melbourne in 1963, Cam learned jazz in a musical household with his father on piano, teaching him classic jazz from Jelly Roll Morton from age 15,

 To Ellington and contemporary American and Australian jazz. 

Cam has played professionally since leaving school aged 19. He has just finished an 11 year long weekly residency with Margie Lou Dyer Quintet in Melbourne. Cam has played regularly with Allan Browne AO, Peter Knight, Eugene Ball, performed with the Hoodangers, gigged with Graeme Bell and Graham Coyle, Jon Scurry, recorded and performed with John Butler Trio and C.W. Stoneking. He plays tenor sax with Skazz, having performed to over 300k people at Fed Square for the anti-war rallies. 

Alongside music, Cam has a career as a professional visual artist, having solo exhibitions and art projects around the world including in MONA Tasmania, Denmark, Japan, Norway, Germany, and China. 

Cameron Robbins: About
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