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Piano & Vocals

Margie Lou Dyer has made several records over a career spanning almost 50 years. Many of these were a collaboration with her late husband Allan Browne on percussion along with others such as Steve Grant, Leon Heale, Bill Howard, Richard Miller, Ben Robertson, John Scurry, Bob Sedergreen & Paul Williamson. Margie ran a unique and popular Gospel band called ANGELS OF SOUL which featured, over different periods, Judy Jacques, Jackie Gaudion, Rebecca Barnard, Margot Barrett, Andy Ross & Allan Browne. 

  Margie has appeared at several Jazz Festivals on multiple occasions such as Wangaratta, Montsalvat, Port Philip Mussel Festival, Melbourne International Jazz Festival & performed at multiple venues ranging from Mietta's and MONA to the Myer Music Bowl & Bennett's Lane - just to name a few.

Margie Lou held down a residency at St Kilda’s jazz bar and seafood restaurant "Claypots" for a decade, making Sunday nights a regular treasure for all. "Her gravelly, astonishingly expressive voice is reminiscent of the best women of early jazz, like Bessie Smith or Billie Holiday; Her blues tinged, heavy grooving, New Orleans-style piano playing is unique in Melbourne." - Andra Jackson

The launch of Margie's quintet album 'Old Digger's Picnic', was her first in 30 years without her late husband and musical mentor: Allan Browne. Special guest Paul Kelly joined the band for a couple of rare performances, duets with Margie Lou.

The album traces her Jazz lineage, reflecting the powerful influence of her late father 'Warwick Dyer'; whose legacy to her was his vast collection of 600+ early jazz artists and his own jazz recordings from the 'Frank Johnson Band' and countless Jazz concerts in the 1950s.

   Margie's solo work at 'Claypots' was augmented to a trio in 2010, with the addition of Artist/sculptor/musician Cameron Robbins on clarinet and the multi Aria award winner Allan Browne on drums - using an exact 'Baby Dodds' kit (with a large bass-drum and no high hat). 

  In 2015 the very talented Eugene Ball joined them on Trumpet and a quartet was formed. 

After Allan's passing in June of that year (and following a brief recess), Margie Lou looked for a new direction without Al on drums.

In his stead she needed two extra musicians. The authentic, vibrant  double bassist: Howard Cairns, was an automatic choice and her daughter Hayley Miro took on her father's role playing washboard. Hayley took this on with extraordinary ease and understanding - having absorbed all her life the sounds and techniques of the West-African percussion so loved and practised by Allan.    

Margie Lou Dyer: About
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