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Double Bass

Howard Cairns is a Melbourne Acoustic Double Bassist who has specialised primarily in Acoustic Jazz for the last 35 yrs. (Albeit with small amps!)
His musical roots were with Church Music , being the son of a minister , but as a player, Jazz , and mostly Swing, have usually been his focus. However outside the Jazz field, when he has strayed, he has ventured into the realms of RnB, New Orleans, Gypsy Jazz World Music , Folk , Country music &.Brass Bands (playing sousaphone)
Some of the artists Howard has recorded and appeared with both in Australia and overseas include Ross Hannaford , Michelle Nicole, Allan Browne, Way Out West, Doug De Vries, CW Stoneking, Margie Lou Dyer, George Butrumlis  and Adam Simmons.

Howard Cairns: About
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